Instructions for use Variconis

Variconis' official instruction in Poland will detail the issue of how to use the tool. The gel should be applied locally to problem areas with a small margin. Then rub gently until the composition is completely absorbed by the skin. The frequency of the procedure is 2 times a day. For greater effect, cover the treated areas and avoid washing the active components of the medicine. It is important to prevent the composition from getting into open wounds and mucous membranes. The duration of treatment is individual, but is at least 30 days.

Instructions for using Variconis gel

Main indications for the use of Variconis

The drug is prescribed in the early and progressive stages of the disease. You can start using the gel to treat varicose veins as soon as you start:

  • severe swelling of the lower extremities;
  • feeling of discomfort due to excessive efforts, sedentary work or standing for a long time;
  • visual alteration of the superficial vessels of the legs;
  • pain syndrome in the lower extremities.

Contraindications for Variconis

Gel for treating varicose veins is an original combination of herbal extracts. Therefore, the risk-free agent is prescribed for the elderly, pregnant patients. In addition, the drug is indicated for people with allergic reactions. In some cases, there is an individual aversion to the individual components of the composition. If signs such as burning, photophobia, tearing or allergic rhinitis appear, it is recommended to rinse the treated area with plenty of warm water and consult the doctor for further guidance.