We do foot massage for varicose veins correctly

Massage helps to normalize blood circulation and improve tissue trophism. It is used as a complementary therapy for many diseases. Is it possible to massage the legs with varicose veins and what rules should be followed?

In what cases massage is prescribed for varicose veins

Varicose veins are a vascular disease in which the walls of the veins are dilated and narrow. Increased blood circulation and massage movements in some cases can only aggravate the course of the disease. This procedure is especially contraindicated in the last stages of varicose veins.

With a moderate form of vasodilation, it is allowed to perform a therapeutic massage, which aims to stimulate the flow of blood. It should be performed only by a specialist and more carefully than a healthy person.

Therapeutic massage complements and does not replace the main treatment. The procedure is performed in stages, observing the execution technique.

How does massage work?

foot massage for varicose veins

Foot massage for varicose veins allows you to achieve:

  1. Good blood circulation in the affected area.
  2. Restoration of soft tissue trophism and improvement of nutrient intake.
  3. Strengthening of the limb muscles.
  4. Increased vascular tone.
  5. Reducing fatigue and tension in the legs.
  6. Blood flow and reduction of edema.

The physical effects are often combined with folk remedies.


For massage with varicose veins to have the desired effect, it is necessary to prepare properly. It is recommended to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. The ideal time for the procedure is in the morning. This is best done after therapeutic exercises, when the muscles are already warm and ready for physical action.
  2. The movements should be light and not painful.
  3. Before the massage, the patient should lie down for 10 minutes with the legs raised to reduce the swelling of the lower extremities.
  4. Exclude the presence of hypertension, fever, exacerbation of an allergic reaction.


There are several techniques that help to achieve a massage effect. Some of them use massagers or special devices, while others use only manual action.


The procedure is performed with strong water pressure from the shower. The water temperature must be warm. It is advisable to use contrast when changing from a warm to a cold setting. The spill occurs smoothly, from the bottom up.


Special bottles for this type of procedure can be purchased at pharmacies or drug stores. Massage with suction cups is also called a vacuum. This technique is allowed in the prevention of varicose veins or in the first phase of venous dilation. With severe pathology, it is impossible to use benches, as strong pressure can damage the already fragile wall of the blood vessels.

The result is obtained through a vacuum effect that stimulates blood circulation in the selected area. This technique is also very popular in combating cellulite and edema, as it effectively eliminates congestion, pain and normalizes metabolic processes.

If the doctor has allowed this massage for varicose veins, it is easy to do at home. To do this, rub the skin with petroleum jelly, using a lighted cotton swab, remove the air from the can and penetrate the problem area.


how to massage your legs with varicose veins

Indicated for the treatment of the initial stages of varicose veins. At home, it can only be done after the doctor shows the correct execution technique.

Self-massage stages:

  1. The patient is sitting. One leg is straight, the other is bent at the knee.
  2. The limb is heated with gentle movements from the bottom up. The movements along the entire limb must be continuous. Do 5 repetitions.
  3. Knead the problem areas with your fingers. The pressure must not be strong. The movements are repeated until the appearance of redness of the skin and a sensation of heat.
  4. At the end of the procedure, you need to shake your leg several times. Then, massage is performed on the second limb.

Many videos describe in detail the massage technique for varicose veins at home. In addition, hirudotherapy and folk remedies are popular with patients.

Anti cellulite

anti-cellulite foot massage for varicose veins

Any massage technique has an anti-cellulite effect. However, massage for varicose veins in the lower extremities cannot include strong pressure and strokes. Lymphatic drainage and honey techniques will be ideal.

Lymphatic drainage is performed only by qualified personnel and with special medical equipment. The healing effect is achieved by varying the air pressure in the problem area. Many modern clinics use the LPG massage technique to combat spider veins, edema and varicose veins. The therapeutic effect lasts for several months.

Honey massage helps to improve tissue trophism mainly due to the beneficial properties of honey. It is also recommended here to reduce strength, however, the nutrients in the product will help to significantly increase the result of the procedure. Honey massage is allowed if the execution technique does not contradict the basic rules of the procedure.

Exotic massages (Thai, Japanese and Tibetan techniques) for varicose veins are not recommended.

Feet massage

It is allowed to massage your feet on time or with the help of a massager for varicose veins. In that case, the foot must be free of edema. The massage is performed with light movements, without pinching and actively rubbing. Before that, it is advisable to do a warm foot bath.

Features of classical massage

classic foot massage for varicose veins

Massage is recognized as an effective method of combating many diseases.

The positive results of the procedure are confirmed by traditional medicine and Ayurveda.

A qualified massage therapist is able to empower a person and improve their well-being without the use of drugs.

The classic technique is considered to be smooth movements that capture a large surface of the skin and muscle tissue. The strength of the action increases slightly in the middle of the procedure and, at the end of the procedure, gradually decreases to nothing.

The main rule of classical massage is that the movements must be performed from the periphery towards the lymph node. The technique starts with warming up the body and then proceeds to treat problem areas. Procedure steps: caressing, rubbing, kneading, vibration.

With the appearance of varicose asterisks or the expansion of deep veins, all steps must be performed with more care and with minimal force.

On the Internet, you can find many video materials on classical massage for different parts of the human body.


Is it possible to massage the varicose veins alone? The patient should be aware that the technique of improper execution or concomitant illnesses can lead to serious complications. The following conditions are considered contraindications to massage:

  1. Increased body temperature.
  2. Inflammatory processes.
  3. Infectious diseases.
  4. The presence of open trophic ulcers.
  5. Exacerbation of allergic reactions.
  6. Thrombosis.

Only a doctor can authorize the massage after a visual examination of the patient and an evaluation of the results of his analyzes. This is especially true for pregnant patients.


performing foot massage for varicose veins

The following recommendations will help to prevent venous insufficiency and vascular problems:

  1. Monitor your weight. A marked decrease in body weight indicates a lack of nutrients and negatively affects the condition of blood vessels. Obesity, in turn, is dangerous because it creates a constant increase in the load on the veins and causes loss of strength and elasticity.
  2. Avoid repetitive postures. If you are sedentary, take regular breaks and walk.
  3. Women should wear comfortable shoes. According to doctors' recommendations, the heel should not exceed 5 cm.
  4. Get enough vitamins and drink at least 1. 5 liters of water a day.
  5. Do not delay going to the doctor. A feeling of heaviness and discomfort in the groin or limbs are the first symptoms of vascular problems.

Before purchasing a foot massager for varicose veins, you should consult a specialist. The doctor will tell you if it is possible to massage for varicose veins and will also recommend the ideal technique. It is very easy to improve vascular health in the early stages of the disease.

You can watch a video lesson on how to massage your legs with varicose veins or not self-medicate, but enroll in a specialized clinic. Experienced specialists will do the necessary procedure correctly and safely, possibly using modern electric massagers.